There are many ways to fool an Elk. You will need to fool not only there nose , but their eyes and ears also.

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There are many ways to fool an Elk. You will need to fool not only there nose , but their eyes and ears also. The use of camo clothing, where permitted, is the best place to start. Some states require that you wear a certain amount of blaze orange, so get the broken or camo orange to break up your outline. Use the trees to your advantage, walk within the tree line. You can easily hide from an Elk with a relatively small tree. Just make sure that you are not sticking out like a sore thumb. Keep your arms and legs behind the tree , and just peek around the tree with one eye. With the wind in your favor you can easily watch an Elk this way until the time for a clear shot arises. As the Elk is moving, you too must move in the opposite direction until you can see the rump patch. By seeing the rump means that his eyes are behind the tree and you are safe at that point. You can easily move further around for your shot.
You will also need to cover your scent. Use the commercial cover scent on your boots and clothing. But the use of scent eliminator can be the biggest benefit of all. Just spray it on the inside and the outside of your hat and where you perspire. What this will do is hold the bacteria from your sweat, which is what will give you away the fastest, and not release it. Also use unscented soap and shampoo as well as the unscented deodorant. The use of unscented clothing soap will need to be used as well. Get all of these which are made especially for hunting. They are made just for hunters and differ from the standard unscented soaps in the supermarkets. I have personally seen a huge difference in my Elk hunting since I started using the above. I have seen probably as much as 3 - 5 times the amount of Elk by using these as I ever did prior to using them. They do work !
Fool their ears with a call. Now, not everyone can use a diaphram call or chooses not to, me included. I personally prefer to use a cow call. They are easy to use and they will bring a bull to you. A bugle will work , but not every bull Elk will come in for a challenge. If a bull is around, he may or may not answer a cow call, but the chances are he will come in to that lone cow. There are several good ones on the market, and as I said earlier, they are easy to use, and they do work. I have had bulls answer my cow calls, which let me know where the bull was, and I have had bulls come in to me after using my cow call. Here again, the choice is yours. It is a decision that only you can make. So before you buy one ask other hunters which they prefer. Also a cow call will work even if the rut is over, where a bugle will work at it's best during the rut. A cow call will also stop an Elk on the move, allowing you that shot. Even If it is your second shot, or if you made a lot of noise.
Yes it is important to be quiet, but have you ever heard a quiet elk ? I have not. They can sound like a truck in the timber. If you step on a twig and it snaps, so what. They step on twigs all the time. Elk are big animals, with long legs, that can cover a lot of real estate in a short period of time. Do the same. When you are in their bedding areas, use caution, They are and will be alert. Slow and easy is the only way to go at this point. Not only for a chance at that bull you want, but also for safety. They can get from point A to point B in a matter of seconds, where it will take you an hour. They will be in the hardest to get to places, the nastiest terrain and timber. If it is almost impossible to go through, the chances are Elk are in there. But don't forget that if you get one in there, you will have to get it out. I have gotten Elk in places where you you can not get a horse into and it was quite the chore to get it out. Just ask my ankles, chins, and knees.
I hope that these tips help you. And don't be afraid to ask questions. There is no way that anyone can write all there is about Elk hunting. Elk hunting is like a huge jigsaw puzzle and everything you read, see, and experience while hunting, adds another piece to the puzzle. I do not believe that the puzzle will ever be completed as they will change their habits accordingly with the food sourse, amount of water, and hunting pressure. A big Bull Elk doesn't get that way by being stupid. If he is pressured, he will move. Once he finds another place that he feels comfortable with he will stay there.

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