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Throughout these pages you will learn everything you need to know about elk hunting. You will learn about rifles and calibers needed for elk hunting and big game hunting. There are photos, tips, and some great hunting links. There are sources available for all your ballistics, and pages on conditioning gear, field-dressing, clothing, calls, and how to properly sight in your rifle. Learn about the elk and their habitat as well as hunting in bear country.

Planning a guided hunt or a self guided hunt? Let me help you learn what you need to properly select the right guide & outfitter, or how to plan your self guided hunting experience.

When I decided to do a web page, my goal was to help anyone, whether they be an experienced hunter or a new hunter, learn about hunting elk. There are so many pieces to the puzzle, I was hoping to place a few of them on my pages for all to learn from.

I am a self taught hunter and am hoping that some of the info I have can benefit others. I truly hope that it does in the way that my site is set up. I hope that my pages show that hunting is an ethical sport and wish to instill safety also. Hunters will always be out there that will take the long and hard shots, and that is the basics behind my sight-in page, to at least help them to properly do that without the risk of just wounding the animal and causing suffering. They will take those shots any way, this is my way of hopefully helping the animal as well with a clean shot.

Choose from the vast selection of information to your left to learn about elk hunting or perhaps to increase your knowledge about hunting this magestic animal known as the Wapiti.

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