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Some people say that it is just luck to get game when you are hunting, and it is to some extent, but it is more knowledge than anything.

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Some people say that it is just luck to get game when you are hunting, and it is to some extent, but it is more knowledge than anything. One must have an understanding of the animal and it's habits during any given time of hunting season. You need to know where they will be at any given time. That doesn't mean that they will be there but that is where you would start. For instance if it is the early part of the season and the weather is hot, you need to hunt where there is a good food supply and where it will be cool for them. It is harder for an Elk to stay cool in the heat than it is for them to stay warm in the cold. If the rut is on you will need to seek out the cows to find a bull that you may want. Find there bedding areas, and there food sourse and you will find Elk. That is the importance of prescouting an area.

But not everyone has the opportunity to prescout an area, because of the time and the location such as a hunter that is not from the area. But there are resourses to help that individual such as the U.S.Forest Service and the Game and Fish department for the state you will be hunting in. These people are usually more than happy to help you. After all that is their job, and they are the ones that are out in the field all year round. You need to learn what foods they prefer during the time of the year you will be hunting them. There food will be different in the early part of the season than it is at the later part of the season. I cannot give you a list of what they would be feeding on at what time because the food sourse would be different in New Mexico than it would be in Wyoming or Montana.

When hunting for Elk you will need to fool their scenses which would be their eyes, ears, and noses. Do not let them be aware of your presence, instead you need to be aware of their presence. You do have the upper hand if you just use the resourses out their at your disposal. If you are a nonresident Elk hunter, it will have already been a costly trip, so don't be unsuccessful by trying to save a few dollars. Make the phone calls, use the web, seek the advice of the local hunters, and use the proper equipment.

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