The .30-06 Sprinfield
The .30-06 Springfield For Elk

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The .30-06 Springfield has a long history, and has been and still is among the favorite all around big game caliber.
For the hunter who will hunt everything from deer to moose or even the prarie dog, the .30-06 is by far a great choice.
You get a range of bullet weights from the 110-grain bullet to the 220-grain bullet.
Loaded with the 180-grain bullet, the .30-06 will retain over 1,300 ft/lbs of energy at 400 yards.
That is plenty to knock an Elk off it's feet. Although the bullet drop at at that range is nearly 50 inches.
But it is available in almost every action and almost every brand of fire arm on the market.
This is an advantage for the .30-06. Finding a rifle action, model, and style that you want is easy with the .30-06.
Because of its popularity you will have no problem finding or borrowing ammunition for the .30-06 no matter where you are.
I have taken many deer, Elk , and antelope with the .30-06 with no problems at all.

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