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My name is Bill but am known as Billybob. I am from New York state and I now live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I am an avid hunter and fisherman, and just love the outdoors so to speak. I have a Golden Retreiver and take him nearly everywhere that I go. I also have a horse which has enabled me to go many places that I normally would not have gone to.

I have spent a good number of days out in the mountains. More than most folks will ever spend and I always had my trusty camera with me. Where I have been, and what I have seen is what Elk hunting is all about. Sometimes when I am out doing my thing I never know what I will come across. Sometimes it will be wildlife and other times just a pretty scene. And sometimes it may be both while I am in the wilds of the west as you will see. One of my favorite wildlife opportunities I came across was a Grizzly Bear feeding on an elk at about 50 yards from me. Another one of my all time favorite opportunities was being next to the Majestic Bull Elk while he was bugeling some 20 feet away. To me there is nothing greater than hunting for one of these. And to hear the bugle of the bull elk in the wild is something that one has to hear for oneself to fully appreciate. Anyone that has heard this can surely agree.

The scenery while out in the Rockies is all worth the hike to your favorite fishing hole. The western mountains are full of beautiful little streams for a relaxing getaway or for some good fishing. You pass by these spots on your way to go hunting all the time also. And waterfalls. I just love waterfalls and go out of my way to see them. It gives a sence of freshness to everything around it. It doesn't matter if it is a big one or even the smallest little stream flowing over the rocks on it's journey to the bigger scene.

My favorite colors are:
1) Camoflauge
2) Blaze Orange

My favorite seasons are the normal 4 seasons:
1) Elk Season
2) Deer Season
3) Waterfowl Season
4) Fishing Season

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