An Introduction To Elk Hunting
Welcome to my elk hunting page where you can find information for any aspect of elk hunting.

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This site is devoted to hunting and hunting only. To be more specific it deals with Elk Hunting. For the new Elk hunter there will be valuable information to get you started on your first Elk hunt and for the seasoned Elk hunter you may find some interesting things that will further aid you on you future hunts

You will not only find information but photos that I took and links to other hunting related sites

First you need to consider the rifle and cartridge that you will be using. And there are many factors to consider.

Your physical condition will be put to it's limits so it is very important that you consider some sort of conditioning so your hunt won't end up as a disaster.If it is your first Elk hunt you do not want it to be your last. Anyone who has hunted Elk knows how important it is to be in good physical condition.

The weather in Elk country can change in a matter of minutes. The clothing and gear that you take with you is as important as anything else when you consider hunting Elk.

After considering all these things, you will still have to deal with the Elk after it's down and be prepared to call on all your conditioning to cope with it.

You will also find among these pages some tips on Elk hunting and some information on their habits.

All things on these pages are tools and only tools. No one thing will do what you need it to do without the others and are only here as a guide. There are too many factors in Elk country to have set guidlines. Hopefully these will help you on your Elk hunt, whether it be your first time or even if you have hunted Elk before.

Your Complete Elk Hunting Source has over 3,500 maps.

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