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Every hunter has at least one hunting friend and some have several, but none of them may be as important and valuable as a good topo map, providing of course that you not only know how to use it, but that you use it and use it well. It can keep you from becoming lost in new terrain and wilderness areas, as well as being able to keep your hunting trips as a permanent record for future use. To do this all you have to do is write on it, and write a lot on it. The more self information you log onto it the better your chances will be for success each upcoming year. Keep track of where you see game, there feeding grounds, watering holes, wallows, and where kills are made. Not only where you may have harvested, but where others may have harvested also. Before you know it you will have a hunter's permanent study plan of your own, with no tall tales, or forgetting the little details. Mine is marked up with D for deer sightings, E for elk sightings, W for wallows, EK for elk kills, DK for deer kills, F for feeding areas, and B for bedding areas. You may also wish to include the time of year or season in which these are labeled on your map. With all this labeling, you can easily determine the best location of game at just about any given time, and will never have to rely on false information from others, or your memory, which will weaken with each and every hunting season. This map will soon become your own personal hunting bible and guide for many years to come.

Use your new found friend on every trip into the hills you may take, whether it be for hunting, camping, hiking or whatever. Use it for all the seasons in which you venture into your hunting areas, and use it often. You will soon be able to know exactly where the elk will be at any given time, as well as where they summer, and where they winter. You will be able to pinpoint the travel routes between the summer range and the winter range as well. Simply use a straight line and draw. For instance, if you know where the winter range is, and you have all the sightings on your map, draw a line from the winter grounds through the sightings and harvest sites and BINGO, you can now find there summer range and the routes in which they may take. Every trip into the hills in which you hunt will add another piece of the huge puzzle and one day all the pieces may fit together to give you the best guide ever. You can choose to use whatever codes you want, as long as you know what they are. Someone else may look at your map and not be able to see anything on it but a bunch of scribbling, and your little secret spots will be your's and your's only until you decide to give the info out to a friend or another hunter. You have earned the right to keep these places a secret, as it was you that did the legwork, and spent the countless hours, days, and weeks in the field doing your homework.

You should also make note of all game trails you come across. No one knows the lay of the land better than the game that lives there year round. These trails which you mark on your map will also help you find the little hidy holes of elk. They can also help you to get from point A to point B with a little more ease. These trail that you mark will also help you to plan an approach to any area you wish to hunt, whether it be on a ridge, through the thickest and nastiest deadfall known, or simply to a well used feeding or bedding area. So get a new best friend for hunting. You will always be able to rely on it, and will always be available to go hunting with you at any time, and in any weather. You will never have to wait for to pick you up to go, and is a friend that you can carry on your back, or in your pocket with no trouble at all. It will be a life long friend with all your hunting information on it, created by you and for you, only to release that info by you.

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