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Quality hunting sites are hard to come by so here are some to get on the right path.

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These links provide a wealth of information And can provide you with any additional information that you will need. Want info on ballistics, or a specific rifle or handgun for your hunt? Perhaps you need to find new gear for that Elk hunt, such as the right knife, or clothing, or new scope. Want the state regulations, or to locate a guide? Perhaps you want to read and learn the latest news on Elk. Then you came to the right place. Just click away and visit any one of these to find what you need.
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
All About Elk, RMEF
NAHC - North American Hunting Club
Hunter's Shooting Association
How To Use A Compass
The Elk Hunter Newsletter
The Hunting Trail
B.O.W. Hunters Of Wyoming
North American Game Species
State & Federal Agencies
Hunters Helping Hunters

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Elk Hunting Rifles
Black Mesa Rifles
Browning Arms
Dakota Arms
Lazzeroni Arms
Marlin Firearms
Ruger Firearms
Winchester Rifles

Hunting Optics
Burris Sport Optics
Bushnell Products
Leupold Scopes / Binoculars
Nikon Scopes / Binoculars
Shepherd Scopes
Swarovski Binoculars
Swarovski Riflescopes
Swift Riflescopes

Bullets / Ammo
Barnes Bullets
Hornady Bullets / Ammo
Nosler Bullets

Other Firearms
Freedom Arms .454 Casull
Magnum Research - Desert Eagle .50 A.E.
Thompson Center Arms
Guides & Outfitters
Listing of Hunting Guides
Outdoors Guides Association
Wyoming Outfitters and Guides Association
Huntfind Guides and Outfitters
Bear Creek Adventures - New Mexico
Wilderness Trails Inc. - N.W. Wyoming
Choosing a Taxidermist
Home Care For Mounts
Rocky Mountain Taxidermy
Selecting a Taxidermist
Taxidermy Hints
Trophy Field Care
Trophy Animal Mount Cleaning

Personal Pages
Allen's Page of Hunting, Shooting, Reloading
Western Wilderness
Lark Ritchie's Hunting Site
Horn Swamp Online
Jon Erdmann's Page
Tim's Hunting & Taxidermy Page
Handloading for Hunting
The Basics Of Packing With Horses & Mules

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