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Expect cold weather in October. The temperatures may be in the 20's - 30's in the morning, and up in the 70's + during the day. You will need good warm clothes as well as lighter cloths to change into. If you are hunting on foot, you may not need so many of the warmer clothes. Wool is a good bet for the end of October when there is apt to be snow covering the ground. It is warm and will shed the snow.
You will need good hunting boots. A pair of sturdy leather boots and a pair of insulated waterproof boots.
Your boots should have a good grip on them. The Air-Bob sole is a good bet. It will work well on frozen snow covered ground.
This sole was designed towards the western sportsman and can be found where most good hunting boots are sold.
A good pack frame is a must for the do it yourself hunter, as well as a good day pack or fanny pack.
Do not try to accomplish packing out an Elk on your back with a soft pack. It is hard enough to pack out an Elk quarter with a good frame pack. Trying to do it with a soft pack would be murder.
And to try and do it all with just a frame pack will get old in a hurry. They are just too bulky and noisy to carry while hunting.
Your packs should have some good padded shoulder straps
and padded waist strap.
If you are camping you will a sleeping bag to keep you warm on those cold nights. Don't try to skimp by using some cheap bag that you will get cold in. It just isn't worth it.
Where you decide to get your hunting and camping needs is totally up to you. I have found that Cabela's is a good bet for the big game hunter.


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