Conditioning for Elk Hunting
The importance of being physically fit for elk hunting.

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I cannot stress the importance of conditioning your body for an Elk hunt enough. This is not some Whitetail or Muley that we are talking about. This is an Elk, a very large, big game animal.
I have seen hunters come to the Rockies to hunt Elk, only to find out that they were not in shape. This is no joking matter, and needs to be taken very seriously.
If you are from other parts of the country you will have to deal with the fact that the air is thinner, and breathing can be a chore.
Remember, you must go to the Elk, they are not going to come to you. That may be a matter of a small hike or a hike of many miles. And if you should get one you have to then get it out.
If you are on a guided hunt you will have the experience of the guide with you, but if you are on a self guided hunt, you could be in for a task that will devestate you.
Thinking you are in shape for this isn't enough. You need to be sure. When you are on your hunt, it is not the time to find out that you are not in shape. Seek the advice of your doctor to set up an exercise program.
You will not be hunting hard for one day, but you may be hunting hard for 7 days or more. You may also be hunting in elevations of up to 10,000 feet or more. Don't let you poor physical condition ruin your hunt.
You will probably be hunting with a pack on your back as well, something many of you may not be used to. Get a good pack that can do the job you want it to do, and be comfortable on you as well. That will all be extra weight that you are not accustomed to.
You will need to strenghten your upper body as well as your legs to cope with the reality of Elk hunting. Conditioning may not be the answer to hunting success, but believe me, it will certainly play a big part. It will help eliminate two limiting factors, exhaustion and fatigue.

Dealing With High Altitude

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