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With so many rifles and calibers available to us today the choice is not an easy one. The truth is, there is no perfect one. But there are some guidelines that may help you with the choice.

Remember that it is not only bullet speed or only bullet weight that will kill your Elk. But it is a combination of both the bullet speed and the weight that is needed to do the damage to bring it down.

The most popular calibers for Elk hunting are the .270, the 7mm mag , the .308,
the .30-06, the .300 mag, and the .338 magnum with several others squeezed in between.

If you are planning to buy a new rifle for Elk hunting, you should consider the bolt action. It has a rigid action, simple and speedy firing pin fall, and precise breeching which makes the bolt action the most reliable and accurate. You should also consider one with a synthetic stock. They are tough and the weather changes will not affect them, and they are lighter. Make sure that if it does not have a swivel and a sling, that you get one, and one that is comfortable as well.And top it off with a good scope.

With the variety of Elk hunting situations that you will encounter, you should consider a variable power scope, 2x7, 3x9, or even 4x14 power. Whichever one you decide on, get the best that you can.

Any hunter planning an Elk hunt should sight his rifle in for long range shooting, and practice till you have it just where you want it. I use a Browning 7mm mag. and use my own loads with a 175 grain bullet, and have it sighted in 3" high at 100 yards. That allows me to hold dead on out to 350 yards. You need to check the ballistics charts for the caliber, and the bullet weight for the ammo that you will be using.

If you are traveling a long distance for your hunt such as by air, it is advisable to recheck your scope before you start your hunt. And if you should bang it or fall while on your hunt check it . One or two shots while in the field to check your scope, would be better than a total miss at the trophy your hunting for , and better than only wounding it.

I do not wish to be thought of as an expert, but these pages were put together to hopefully help you make your own decision about the gun you may want to use for your Elk hunt. If you are still in question as to which rifle you would want to use,
go to the links page and seek out the advice from the professionals. There are many factors to consider before you purchase a new rifle for Elk hunting.

Rifles And Cartridges
The .270 - The .308 - The .30-06 - The .7mm mag. - The .300 mag. - The .338 mag.

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