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The .270 Winchester
The .270 Winchester as a rifle to use for elk hunting

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Many hunters and guides consider the .270 too light to be used as an Elk caliber. Maybe, maybe not, but the crudentials of the .270 in the field cannot be denied. The .270 with it's oversized case holds enough powder to push a 150-grain bullet in the 3,000 fps range, and the retained energy at 400 yards is nearly 1,200 ft/lbs, which will certainly ruin any Elks day with a well placed shot.
But because the heaviest bullet offered is the 150-grain, many hunters prefer a caliber that offers a heavier bullet and more retained energy.
You will have to consider the type of terrain you will be hunting in also and the U.S. Forest Service would be a good place to start for this infomation, or the Game and Fish department for the state you will be hunting in.
Consider the fact that in certain situations the Elk will not always be standing broadside, and the bullet will have to go through a great deal of mass and bone to hit the vitals. But there is no doubt about it , the .270 has proved itself to be an adequite caliber for Elk hunting.

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