The Mighty .338 Magnum
The.338 Winchester Magnum Hunting rifle with it's pros and cons

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The .338 Magnum is indeed an Elk gun. Besides the moose the .338 isn't much good for other game that lives in the lower 48.
Bullet weights for the .338 start with a 200-grain bullet and go up to a 300-grain bullet, and is thought by many to have more power than is needed to kill an Elk.
It is a popular caliber amoung the serious Elk hunter, especially those who make a hunting trip for game animals that also hunt back, like bear.
There are some good reasons for choosing the .338 Winchester Magnum though. It's knock down power at extreme ranges cannot be denied.
Even with a less than perfect shot on a Bull Elk at 400 yards with the .338 Winchester it will still drop him fast. The velosity of the 250-grain bullet will not drop off as quickly as that of lighter bullets traveling at the same speed. And the heavier bullet is not as susceptible to wind drift.
At 400 yards the the 250-grain bullet is still traveling along at some 2,000 fps. And the energy is around 2,000 ft/lbs at that same distance.
It does have a kick though. Some say that the recoil of the .338 Winchester Magnum is as much as three times that of the .270 Winchester.
And they are indeed heavy, usually 8 - 10 pounds. That is a lot of gun to carry all day.
You may wish to consider hunting on horse if you are planning on using the .338 Winchester Magnum. Believe me I know. I have a Ruger #1 .338 and I love it, but it is a heavy rifle to carry on an all day hunt.

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