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What you take for a self-guided hunt would somewhat depend on your accommodations planned for your hunt. Would you be camping or staying in a lodge or motel? Every elk hunt I have done has been a self-guided hunt, right from the first day I went elk hunting. A basic list of needs that I would take for your self-guided elk hunt would be as follows.
Suggested Camp Needs
This is for a party of three
1-Coleman cook stove
3-sets of eating utensils
1-portable table and chairs
2-gas lanterns
1-heating stove (optional)
1-large basin for washing
3-sleeping bags
1-set cooking utensils
1-5 gal. water jug
1-shovel for latrine
1-large basin for dishes
Suggested Survival Kit
1-space blanket
1-day food supply (dried food)
1-pack waterproof matches
1-20 ft. nylon rope
1-day liquid supply (2-8oz. juice)
1-pack freshwater tabs

Suggested Hunting Gear For Elk Hunting

  • 1Rifle with scope & sling. 2 rifles if you have a backup - know of hunters that have had broken scopes and problems with their rifles while elk hunting - Too far from home to replace if needed
  • 2 boxes of ammo minimum - may be hard to locate extra ammo in the field or if you are not near town or the store is not open at night or Sunday
  • 2 smaller sharp knives - I prefer my Buck knife with a 3" lock-blade
  • 1 larger hunting knife
  • 1 sharpener - I prefer a small pocket size or belt steel
  • 1 belt saw for bone
  • 1 hatchet - although 2 does makes life easier
  • 1 gun cleaning kit
  • 1 all purpose tool such as Leatherman
  • 1 pair of binoculars
  • 1 compass or GPS
  • 1 roll of orange florescent surveyors tape
  • 1 small flashlight with batteries & extra batteries
  • 1 cigarette lighter or waterproof matches
  • 1 day pack or fanny pack
  • 1 first aid kit for day pack or fanny pack
  • 2 water bottles for day pack or fanny pack
  • 1 sturdy frame-pack for packing - at least one frame pack
  • 1 sturdy length of rope for tying quarters to frame-pack - Frame-pack not necessary if using horses
  • 1 sturdy length of rope for hanging quarters
  • 1 big game bag for covering and protecting meat or 4 game bags for each quarter
  • 1 pair of waterproof boots - never know about weather , may be 70 degrees - Boots with air-bob soles work the best
  • 1 pair of insulated waterproof boots - never know about weather, may be cold & snow - Boots with air-bob soles work the best
  • 1 pair of hiking shoes for warm days and /or after hunting
  • regular socks for length of stay - warm weather
  • heavy socks for length of hunt - cold weather
  • clothing for length of stay for warm weather - 50-80 degrees
  • clothing for cold weather - 0-35 degrees
  • 1 set rain gear
  • baseball type cap for warmer days
  • heavy hat for cold days
  • 1 or 2 pair warm hunting gloves
  • 1 small bottle of aspirin
  • 1 bottle of elk scent
  • 1 bottle of scent eliminator
  • elk call - bugle or cow call - cow call will work during & after the rut, will also stop departing elk for a shot or a follow up shot
  • Florescent orange clothing to meet the requirements of said state
  • 1 thermos bottle - size of choice
  • 1 can pepper spray
  • 1 large can black pepper - cover fresh elk meat with it to ward off flies & insects
  • scent free deodorant, soap, shampoo
  • 1 roll of Duct Tape - Would be surprised of the uses for this

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