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This Hunting Camp Web Ring was designed for the sole purpose of promoting not just Elk Hunting, but all Big Game Hunting, in such a way that it is to help hunters. This is to provide the much needed information for all aspects of hunting ethics and safety as well as to create a ring of the best hunting sites there is to lend their knowledge and talents to all hunters. As with any hunting camp, it is a place to relax with friends and share hunting stories. But at the camp, when the stories are going around the warm fire, much vital information is also being shared, in the form of tips, ideas, and experience. This is the information which is to bring this ring together and create the tutorial for any who wish to be safe, successful, and ethical hunters. By fulfilling this need, we will help ensure the hunting future, which we all hold so dear. It is not to have the blood and guts photos or the game hanging from some tree. Any sites which have these types of photos need not apply to join. I welcome outfitters and guides as well as any hunting site that meets the above requirements. Just fill out the form below and hit the submit button. You must have the HTML fragment on your site prior to being accepted. Let us together promote hunting as an ethical sport and help all who not only wish to learn about big game hunting, but to help them be successful as well. Once you have submitted your site, you will receive an e-mail with the HTML fragment needed.

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